Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Blog Post Week 10 12/02/16

This week the group needed to pour and run gels for the following samples:
Monday 205 lab (10 samples:  5 biofilm & 5 water)
Tuesday 205 lab (Cori 12 samples)
Wednesday day 205 lab (10 samples: 5 biofilm & 5 water)
Wednesday night 205 lab (12 samples:  6 biofilm & 6 water)

We also had to make gel maps in order to determine the number of gels we needed which we needed to pour gels once again on Thursday before our meeting. We made a total of 8 gels because we were screening multiple samples. We started to make the gels the day before to make it a little easier for the team and use our time more efficiently to progress on our data and project.
Displaying 20161202_121432.jpg
Sample of our gel using the Gel doc EZ imager that
shows us the bands of DNA and base pairs to see
which ones turned positive.

Displaying 20161130_154024.jpg
UV light through gels to see DNA

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